September Female Athlete Of The Month Nominees

September Female Athlete of the Month Nominees

Trynitie Cox, Soccer
Faith Rock, Cross Country
Karly Unruh, Volleyball
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Soccer Coach Daniel Pleninger’s
Comments About Trynitie Cox:
Trynitie had 101 saves during matches played in September. She became a more vocal leader, who took control of the goalie box.
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Cross Country Coach Erin Ecker’s
Comments About Faith Rock:
Faith was the #1 runner on the girls varsity cross country team as a freshmen. Faith steadily improved throughout the season taking 3:40 off of her time, achieving a season PR (24:04) at the HNAC meet. Faith also finished in the top 20 (20th) at HNAC. Faith is actively involved in LaVille FFA and is a straight A student. Faith is an exemplary specimen for sportsmanship. She is supportive to her teammates and encouraging to opponents as well. She is an excellent leader. Despite being her first year in cross country, Faith leadership skills shined as she stepped up as a leader and captain of all four Jr. & Sr High teams 24 athletes. I can always count on her to take charge of the team and helping out in a pinch handing cards out or timing races.
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Volleyball Coach Matt Miller’s
Comments About Karly Unruh:
Karly has worked extremely hard this season to improve her skills.  Karly might not lead in stats every match, but she makes up for it in her positivity both on and off the court, encouraging her teammates whether at practice or during a match, and working extremely hard in practice.  After being injured early in the season and having to sit out for almost two weeks, she attended practices and sat the bench, encouraging her teammates the entire time.  Karly has grown a tremendous amount over the past year in her skill and leadership abilities.
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