Boys Varsity Basketball · SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Czarnecki Shares Basketball Thoughts

We have started a new series – ‘Senior Spotlight’. We will ask senior student-athletes questions about the various sport they are particiapting in. Here we ask senior Leyton Czarnecki:

  • What it has taught him
  • What this journey is preparing him for
  • What is so special about LaVille Basketball

We hope you enjoy reading more from our senior student-athletes!

 * * *

“LaVille Basketball has shown me how much hard work pays off in the end. For the past 4 years, the amount of time spent on the court and with my team/ brothers has brought us together as a team. It takes more than talent to win. Heart goes a long way in the court. I have also learned what athletics show other than just athletic ability. Athletics show a great amount of one’s character. My journey throughout high school has prepared me for my future goals. Basketball takes a lot of time management and dedication to your team. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so it takes all of us. Planning to play a college sport won’t be easy but being a 3 sport athlete has prepared me for that.  LaVille basketball is so special to me because it means so much to each and every one of us. We take pride in representing our team, school, and ones around us. Coach wants us to be the best athletes we can be, but along with that, be successful in life and work hard for what we want.” – Leyton Czarnecki