Girls Varsity Volleyball · ALLISON MEDORS: ” . . . I Love Getting To Represent My School On The Court Or Field”

LAKEVILLE, IN. – Each year we feature our senior student-athletes in the ‘Senior Profile Series’.

We continue our Fall Senior Profile Series with Allison Medors. Medors plays outside hitter on the volleyball team, a forward on the basketball team, and catcher on the softball team.

When asked what it has been like to be a student-athlete at LaVille, Medors responded: “I have loved being a student athlete at LaVille. It is great to be involved in activities at the school and I love getting to represent my school on the court or field. Even though sometimes it can be a little hectic and busy, being a student-athlete has taught me so many valuable lessons.

“Being a student-athlete has taught me many things over the years and helped me become a better athlete, student, and teammate,” continued Medors.  “I have learned things like strong work ethic, time management, how to be a good teammate, and leadership, among others. Becoming a student athlete is one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

When asked about what advice she would give younger kids that would like to be a student-athlete, the 5-foot-10 three-sport athlete said: “Always work to improve your skills. Work hard, even when others are not watching you, to become the best you can be. Never take a chance to improve for granted.  I always try my best to use the time teachers give us in class to get as much done as possible. I try to get as much done at school as I can, and then after practice or a game, I go home and finish whatever I have to do.”

According to Medors she plans to attend Indiana Wesleyan University to study Biology/Pre-medicine.

* * *


Favorite Food?

Mashed Potatoes



Favorite Meal Of The Day?




Favorite Movie?

Frozen 2



Favorite Musical Artist?

Ed Sheeran



Favorite Subject?

Science and History



Favorite TV Show?




Favorite Season Of The Year?




Favorite College Team?

Purdue! Boiler up!



Bears or Colts?




Favorite Holiday?





Best Thing About LaVille?

For me, the best thing about LaVille is having teachers who are very willing to do whatever they can to help you understand your work. It takes a lot of stress away knowing that the teachers will do what they can to help you succeed.



Chocolate or White Milk?

Chocolate milk all the way



Dream Job?

Pediatric surgeon



My Hidden Talent?

I can sing with my mouth closed



Pancakes or Waffles?




Something Interesting About Me?

I know almost all of the words to Hamilton the Musical.



Someone From History I Would Like To Meet?

Amelia Earheart



Up Early Or Sleep Late?

Sleep late



If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be?

I would go to Iceland



Closing Thoughts?

“Being a student athlete is a great opportunity to represent your school and can teach you many valuable things. It is something that I would absolutely encourage anyone interested to pursue. I have loved being a student athlete at LaVille, and have made so many friendships and memories in sports. Go Lancers!!”