Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · LaVille Cross Country To Run In Plymouth Hokum Karem

PLYMOUTH, IN. – The LaVille High School Co-Ed Cross Country team will participate in the  Plymouth “Billy Goat” Hokum Karem on Wednesday, September 9.

The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. at Pretty Lake Golf Course (South of Plymouth off 17).

A Hokum Karem is when a coach puts together two-person relay teams consisting of runner A and runner B from the same team. The two runners will run a combined six miles, but will alternate every other mile. Runner A will run mile one, tap the hand of runner B who will run mile two, runner B will finish and tap the hand of runner A who runs mile three, and the pattern continues until they run a total of six miles together.

Culver Academy, John Glenn, and LaVille join the host Pilgrims.

Spectators can park up by the clubhouse or by the tennis courts.


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1) Masks are required for everyone (runners, coaches, parents). Runners will be able to take them off when racing. Come to the finish line with masks on, the starter will give the instructions, and then tell kids they can take masks off.

2) Each team will have a designated area for camp.

3) No spectators are allowed except for parents & grandparents of senior athletes.

4) Water will not be supplied, so please plan accordingly.

5) Restrooms are available at the pavilion by the clubhouse.