Girls Varsity Softball · McCYNAH LEWIS: “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Hard Days. They Make You Better At the End Of The Day”

LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior McCynah Lewis plays softball and is a member of the cheer squad at LaVille High School.  Lewis is part of our Spring Senior Profile Series.  Over the past few weeks we continue to recognize spring senior student-athletes and learn a little more about each one of them.

“Being an athlete at LaVille has opened up a whole new world for me,” said the senior outfielder on the softball team.  “I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel to other schools and meet many other athletes and coaches. I’ve been able to connect with my classmates on a different level, but most importantly I’ve learned a lot about myself while being an athlete for LaVille.”

When asked about her advice to younger kids that would like to be a student-athlete, Lewis said: “I would tell them to not be afraid of the hard days that come with being an athlete. Criticism and not being the best at something, should push you to do better, not shut you down. They do make you better at the end of the day.”

Lewis said that she managed her time for homework by keeping on top of academics.

“Taking homework with me on long bus rides to games, asking A LOT of questions, but mainly staying on top of things inside the classroom,” explained Lewis.  “The more you can get done in the classroom, the less you have to worry about outside of class.”

She concluded by adding that being a student-athlete, “It’s fun and it keeps ya busy!”


* * *




Favorite Food?

— Spaghetti


Favorite Meal Of The Day?

— Dinner


Favorite Movie?

— Fried Green Tomatoes or The Goonies


Favorite Musical Artist?

— Elton John 


Favorite Subject?

— Depends On The Teacher


Favorite TV Show?

— Friends


Favorite Season Of The Year?

— Spring


Favorite College Team?

— Florida Gators


Bears or Colts?

— Bears


Favorite Holiday?

— 4th of July 


Best Thing About LaVille?

— The Staff


Chocolate or White Milk?

— White Milk


Dream Job?

— Criminal Investigator


My Hidden Talent

— I Can Bend All Of My Fingers At The 2nd Joint Because I’m Double Jointed. 


Pancakes or Waffles?

— Waffles


Something Interesting About Me?

— I Cannot Whistle


Someone From History I Would Like To Meet?

— Benjamin Franklin


Up Early Or Sleep Late?

— Sleep late


If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be?

— Spain


Closing Thoughts?

— “Thank you to all of the coaches for guiding me and always pushing me to show my full potential. It really means a lot.”