school news · March 26 Update From Principal McKeand


It has been a few days since I sent an update, so I wanted to share a few items with you. To start, the food service
program continues to grow. As of today, we sent breakfast and lunch to 575 students. We anticipate this number to continue to grow in the days ahead. I want to remind families that meals will not be provided during Spring Break or on
April 10th & 13th. If you would like to start receiving meals for your children, please contact the school. I would like to thank the many volunteers that are working each day to make this happen. We are blessed with an amazing staff!

Today marks the fifth day of eLearning with more to come. When implementing the idea of eLearning at LaVille, we never
intended for it to last this many days. Unfortunately, this is the situation we find ourselves in and we need to make the best of things. In order for that to happen, students must make their eLearning lessons and assignments a priority. We should not simply view this as a break from school. This past Sunday was the deadline to submit assignments from last week. After looking over submitted items, it is clear that many students are not taking this seriously. It is important for all students to complete assigned work, but especially important for those students in high school. It may not look the same now, but the work they are asked to complete will go toward their grade and earning a credit. If students are not doing their work, it will be hard for teachers and I to justify giving students a credit for the course. This is important for all high school students as they start collecting credits for graduation in 9th grade. This is especially critical for our seniors. This is already a sad time for our senior class as they are missing out on many of the milestones that a student looks forward to. I really don’t want them missing out on graduation and not earning a diploma because they decided not to keep up with their eLearning assignments. Parents, I am asking you to take more of an active role at this time. Please make sure your child is completing work and submitting it to the teachers. I have asked teachers to reach out to students and parents if they are not receiving work, but I would also ask you to reach out to the teachers to make sure this is happening. Take the time to ask questions and check their work. They may not like it now, but will thank you later.  Assignments from last week can still be submitted to teachers. Those assignments from this week will be due on Sunday, April 5th at midnight.

Hotspots are still being offered throughout the district. The LaPaz hotspots include First Source Bank, All Motive, Gatewood and Creekside. Lakeville hotspots include Joshua Tree Imports and the post office. If you have transportation, you can also use the school wifi from the parking lot. I realize these are not ideal conditions, but we must do what it takes to get the job done. Students may need to walk to the bus to see what is assigned by their teachers. They may need to drive to the school to use the school’s wifi. Please don’t allow the lack of internet to be the reason for not getting this work completed. If you don’t have access to the internet, please contact the school. As of today, I have only heard from two families asking for alternative ways for their children to get their work completed. If you have a need, please take the time to communicate it.

In an effort to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus, we have closed down the office and limited access to the building. You can still contact the office by calling 574-784-3151. Use the extension of the person you wish to speak to and the voicemail will be sent to their email. We will do our best to return calls in a timely manner.

Thanks and please stay safe!
Nate McKeand