school news · Update From Principal McKeand


Parents & Community Members,

This week wraps up our first week of eLearning. Up to this point, I have heard positive feedback from both families and
staff. There are a few things I want to address in this letter. Attendance is my first concern with the eLearning days. On
Wednesday of eLearning, there were 51 out of 604 students that failed to sign on and submit attendance. These numbers
were a little better on Thursday as 47 of 604 students signed on and submitted attendance. These numbers improved
after making calls to remind families that each child needs to submit attendance each eLearning day. I ask that parents
make sure that your children are taking time each day to access the eLearning site and submit attendance. If necessary,
attendance can be submitted by contacting the office at 574-784-3151.

A second concern that I have is the amount of assigned work that is being completed by students. All work assigned this
week is due to teachers by midnight on Sunday, March 22nd. It must be understood that just because we are
experiencing a disruption in our normal school year, doesn’t mean that learning shouldn’t go on. Teachers are working
hard to make the most of this year and planning meaningful lessons. This school year shouldn’t be looked at as a lost
cause, but preparation for next year. For those students in high school, you must keep in mind that grades need to be
earned in order to receive credits toward graduation. Seniors, this is especially important for you. You are so close to the
finish line and cannot allow this disruption to cause you to fall short. In order to graduate, it is necessary to submit
attendance each day of eLearning and submit all necessary work assigned by teachers. Finish strong!

Considering our current situation, I am asking parents to step in and make sure your children are participating in
eLearning each day. Please make sure your child submits attendance. Make sure they are completing work or making
contact with the office if they cannot access the lessons or assignments. It is necessary to make sure your children are
reaching out to teachers if they have questions. It is important that we don’t accept the response from our children that
they do not know how to do the eLearning. We have practiced it this year and our children are tech savvy. They can do
this, but will need our support, encouragement and occasional nagging.

If you encounter troubles with our corporation website, eLearning site, Canvas or a student device, please take time to
contact our Technology Department at ext. 3233. If you have individual questions for teachers, please reach out to those
teachers via email.

Food Service Options:
Today was day three of our food service delivery efforts. The number of students receiving meals throughout the district
exceeded 450 today. If you would like to receive breakfast and lunch for your children and have not signed up to do so,
please contact the office at 574-784-3151. The food service will not be provided on Spring Break or April 10th & 13th.

WIFI Hotspots:
On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, buses were placed around the district to act as WIFI hotspots. In LaPaz, the
hotspot locations include 1st Source Bank, All Motive, Gatewood (near the Old 31 entrance) and Creekside (near the Old
31 entrance). The hotspot locations in Lakeville will include Joshua Tree Imports and the Post Office.

Thank you,
Nate McKeand