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WIFI Hotspots
In an effort to assist families with eLearning, Union-North is working to provide hotspots on buses around the district. It is our plan at this time to have these hotspots in place starting at approximately 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. on eLearning days only. There is no guarantee that these hotspots will reach each home and it may require students to approach the school bus where the hotspot will be located. No entry into the bus will be allowed.

In LaPaz, the hotspot locations will include 1st Source Bank, All Motive, Gatewood (near the Old 31 entrance) and Creekside (near the Old 31 entrance).

The hotspot locations in Lakeville will include Joshua Tree Imports and the Post Office. Other options for WIFI could include parking at the Lakeville Library and/or at one of the schools. You should be able to access WIFI from the parking lot without needing to access the buildings.