school news · MARCH 18 UPDATE: eLearning Among Other Important Pieces Of Information



Parents & Community Members,


eLearning Plan:  

Today, we started our first day of eLearning. Please encourage your child to work on eLearning as we go and not wait to
complete work at the last minute. It is our hope to keep students in somewhat of a routine if at all possible. If you have
questions on how to access eLearning information, please visit our website for instructions or feel free to contact the main
office at 574-784-3151. Anything assigned for eLearning from this week will need to be submitted no later than midnight
on Sunday, March 22nd. If you find that your child is not able to complete necessary work due to not having WIFI, please
make contact with the school. We will work with teachers to make work available to be picked up or delivered. If delivery
is necessary, these items will be sent when we deliver meals on our buses. We will need to know your address and bus
number to arrange delivery.

If you encounter troubles with our corporation website, eLearning site, Canvas or a student device, please take time to
contact our Technology Department at ext. 3233. If you have individual questions for teachers, please reach out to those
teachers via email.


Food Service Options:

Today was also the start of our food service delivery efforts. Thanks to the many volunteers and staff, we delivered over
300 meals to LaVille students. By the end of the day, this number grew to over 400 meal requests and we anticipate that
number to rise even more throughout the week. If you would like to receive breakfast and lunch for your children and
have not signed up to do so, please contact the office at 574-784-3151.
WIFI Hotspots
In an effort to assist families with eLearning, Union-North is working to provide hotspots on buses around the district. It is
our plan at this time to have these hotspots in place starting at approximately 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. on eLearning
days only. There is no guarantee that these hotspots will reach each home and it may require students to approach the
school bus where the hotspot will be located. No entry into the bus will be allowed. In LaPaz, the hotspot locations will
include 1st Source Bank, All Motive, Gatewood (near the Old 31 entrance) and Creekside (near the Old 31 entrance).
The hotspot locations in Lakeville will include Joshua Tree Imports and the Post Office. Other options for WIFI could
include parking at the Lakeville Library and/or at one of the schools. You should be able to access WIFI from the parking
lot without needing to access the buildings.


Visiting the School:
Since students will not be back in normal session before Tuesday, April 14th at the earliest, it is important for your children
to have access to their computers, chargers and necessary school materials. If your child does not have these items at
home, please contact the school to make arrangements to get these items. Students and families are able to come to the
school throughout the week to collect necessary items. I encourage you to contact the school before coming in to make
sure someone is in the office.

Thank you,
Nate McKeand