Boys Varsity Basketball · CONNOR WIECZOREK: “If You Want To Succeed In Anything You Have To Work Hard.”

LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior Connor Wieczorek plays basketball and plays baseball at LaVille High School.  Wieczorek is the next in our Winter Senior Athletic Profile Series.

We continue to select a senior from each winter sport season to highlight and learn a little more about each one of them.

Wieczorek says that, “If you want to succeed in anything you have to work hard.”

Wieczorek is the point-guard on the basketball team and plays infield on the baseball team and admits that he manages his time to get homework finished and play sports by,” Knowing myself enough to understand when I need to stop doing other stuff and do my work.”

The 5-foot-10 junior says that “It’s been extremely fun being able to play a part in the community and school,” when asked about being a student-athlete at LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School.  “Enjoy the time you have because the end comes so quickly.”

 * * * * *

— Favorite Food: Popcorn.

— Favorite Meal Of The Day: Dinner.

— Favorite Movie: Any Of The Toy Stories.

— Favorite Musical Artist: Morgan Wallen.

— Favorite Subject: Science.

— Favorite TV Show: Game Of Thrones.

— Favorite Season Of The Year? Summer.

— Favorite College Team? Notre Dame.

— Bears or Colts? Colts.

— Favorite Holiday? New Year’s Eve Because All The Family Is Home.

— Best Thing About LaVille: The Close-Knit Community.

— Chocolate or White Milk: White Milk.

— My Hidden Talent: I Can Do The Splits.

— Pancakes or Waffles: Waffles.

— Something Interesting About Me:  I Can Recite The Entire Dr. Seuess Lorax Movie Word For Word.

— Someone From History I Would Like To Meet: Abraham Lincoln.

— Up Early Or Sleep Late: Up Early.

— If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be: Bermuda.