Boys Varsity Tennis · ZACH RUTHERFORD: “Don’t Be Afraid To Try A Sport You Think You Might Like”


LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior Zachary Rutherford plays on the boy’s tennis team and is manager of the girl’s tennis team at LaVille High School.  Rutherford is the next in the fall Senior Athletic Profile Series.

We continue t0 pick a senior from each fall sport to highlight and learn a little more one of our senior student-athletes.

When asked about advice he would give to younger kids about being a student-athlete, Rutherford said, “Don’t be afraid to try a sport you think you might like.  Also don’t be afraid of people judging you for the sports you play because the only thing that matters is if you have fun when you play that sport.”

Rutherford plays #1 singles on the Lancer tennis team this season.

He explains how he manages time for home work and what its been like for him to be a student-athlete at LaVille.

“I do my homework during school and if I need to I take my Computer on the bus and do it there,” says Rutherford.  “It has been a wonderful experience mostly because I’ve learned so much from my wonderful coach (Melissa Haisley).  It can be exhausting at times because when my season starts you have a lot of practices.  Then its just matches for three days straight days and if you get injured or are just hurting Gary will help you get better.


* * *




Favorite Food:


Favorite Meal Of The Day:


Favorite Movie:

–Over The Hedge 

Favorite Musical Artist:

–Owl City

Favorite Subject:


Favorite TV Show:


Favorite Season Of The Year?

–Not Winter because it is cold 

Favorite College Team?

–Notre Dame

Bears or Colts?


Favorite Holiday?


Best Thing About LaVille:

–The Teachers are the best thing about LaVille.

Chocolate or White Milk:

–Chocolate Milk

Dream Job:

–Working somewhere in the IT Field 

My Hidden Talent:

–I can fix the Chromebook keys really quickly.

Pancakes or Waffles:


Something Interesting About Me:

–I have probably fixed about 20% of all the Student’s Chromebooks.

Someone From History I Would Like To Meet:

–George Washington.

Up Early Or Sleep Late:

–Sleep late

If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be:

–I would go to wherever the most comfortable place in the world is, just take a nap to catch up on sleep

Closing Thoughts:

–“Have fun with High School cause it goes by fast”