Boys Varsity Cross Country · CALEB CHRISTY: “Being A Student-Athlete Helps Build Mental Strength Too”


LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior Caleb Christy runs cross country and track at LaVille High School.  Garrett is the next in our Fall Senior Athletic Profile Series.

We continue to select a senior from each fall sport season to highlight and learn a little more about each one of them.

Caleb says that, “Being a student-athlete is a great way to be involved and have fun during your high school career.  It is smart to choose the sport you like the most and join it.”

Christy says he has enjoyed being a student-athlete at LaVille and admits that it can be a challenge to manage time.

“It can be a challenge to manage time between homework and sports, but working quick and efficient on school work can help a lot,” says Christy.   “It has been a nice experience to be a student-athlete at LaVille.  I enjoy having a smaller size team where I can know all of the team members and coaches.  I have had a good experience with training and preparing for big cross country meets.”

He credits being a student-athlete in helping build mental strength, as well.

“Being a student-athlete can help a person’s mental strength too,” concluded Christy.  “It takes a strong mindset to push yourself to get a good run during a cross country meet.”


* * *



Favorite Food? Pizza

Favorite Movie? Smokey and the Bandit 

Favorite Musical Artist? TobyMac

Favorite Subject? Math

Favorite TV Show? Tom and Jerry

Favorite College Team? Notre Dame

Bears or Colts? Bears

Favorite Holiday? Christmas

Best Thing About LaVille? Small size to allow me a bigger experience

Chocolate or White Milk? Chocolate Milk

Dream Job? Computer Technology

My Hidden Talent? Happiness with smiles and laughing

Pancakes or Waffles? Pancakes

Something Interesting About Me? I am in the marching band and march the snare drum in the drumline.

Someone From History I Would Like To Meet? George Washington

Up Early Or Sleep Late? Sleep Late

If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be? Florida

Closing Thoughts: The experience of being a student-athlete is amazing and all students should take part in the one they enjoy the most.  This is a great opportunity to be part of a team working towards a common goal.”