Multiple Teams · LaVille Embarks On New ‘Fan Experience’ With Purchase Of Pixellot Camera System

LAKEVILLE, IN. –  Want to see an athletic event hosted by LaVille Jr.-Sr High School and you can not attend?

Maybe you are a grandparent and head to warmer weather for the winter, but still want to watch a home athletic event at LaVille.

LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School has invested into a system that is run by the National Federation of High School Sports – Pixellot is a fully automated sports production – that has the ability to provide video.

Subscribers can go to  and go to subscribe.  A monthly pass is $10 and the annual pass cost is $70.  If the annual pass is purchased, patrons would have live access to any event on the football field and any home event in Dale E. Cox Gymnasium.

Users can also download the app on your phone.

“A lot of kids grandparents can go and get access and watch live games,” said LaVille Athletic Director Will Hostrawser.  “We are working with broadcasting to link up commentating to go with the video.”

The National Federation has been around for quite a while,” explained Hostrawser.  ” They have gotten to a camera system that is automated. And it is self-sustaining and films.  We schedule games and when for them to turn it on and when to turn it off. It is really pretty slick.”

According to Hostrawser, LaVille can also film homecoming and senior night, as well as other events at the football stadium and at Cox Gymnasicum.  There would have to be some slight adjustments, but those things can be donw, as well.

Hostrawser indicated that the initial cost was a $5,000 fee. However, LaVille received two systems – a football stadium camera and Cox Gymnasium camera.  Hostrawser also indicated there was a little bit of background cost with some other wiring and cables, but the school was able to purchase those items.

“It’s all about the fan experience,” concluded Hostrawser.  “We want to entice people in our community to see not only our athletic events and our facilities, but to say ‘hey you don’t have to be here to enjoy those. We want to stay on the forefront of that.  There are other entities out there.  By going through venue, all the proceeds come right back to our kids.”

LaVille will test out the first live event run through the Pixellot System for the Friday, August 30, home football game against Triton.

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