baseball · Gallup Signs Letter To Continue Academic, Baseball Career At IUSB

LAKEVILLE, IN. – LaVille senior baseball player Reese Gallup has signed to continue his academic and baseball career at Indiana University-South Bend.

“Reese is a great fit for what we are trying to build here at IU South Bend,” said IUSB head baseball coach Doug Buysse.  “First and foremost he is an outstanding student who understands the value of his education.  He is self motivated and understands the results he gets in the classroom and on the field is a direct result of hard work.  Reese is a very solid catcher who has some talent offensively as well.  We look forward to seeing him continue his development and work to become a contributor to IU South Bend baseball.”

Gallup is the starting catcher for the LaVille High School baseball team and has already had a strong start to the season.

“Reese is batting .455 with five hits, including two doubles, and four RBI’s,” said LaVille baseball coach Brian Lawler.  “Gallup is becoming more of a vocal leader for the team and his defense behind the plate has really helped out the Lancers.”

Gallup was looking forward to signing day and to be able to successfully find the right fit moving forward.”

“Signing day is a day that I will never forget in my life and I am excited that I got to share it with my parents, coaches, administration, and my girlfriend,” said Gallup.  “I cannot thank them for all of the support and for what they have done and I am excited to make them proud with playing at IUSB.

“My decision to choose IUSB was a no brainer,” continued Gallup.  “IUSB simply checks everything off in what I want out of a school. IUSB is close to home to where I can save money by not living on campus my first two years. Also I get to see my girl friend, Karly Unruh, when I can and see her senior year. Not to mention the school is very affordable, my parents have already done so much for me that I would love to save them as much money as possible since my brother is in College at Indiana State. Plus I get an IU degree for a great price. To add on, I knew that I had the drive and the skill to play at IUSB. Head Coach Doug Buysse said it himself when I sat down with him and talked after my visit at IUSB that I am a great role model to their team into what they are trying to build. After that day when I sat down and talked to Coach Buysse I knew I wanted to be a Titan.”

Buysse was also thinking and finding ways to help Gallup succeed after college.

“Reese wants to study nursing and we have an outstanding nursing program here,” said the IUSB coach.  “We all understand baseball ends at some point and we have to plan for our future.  First and foremost I know Reese was attracted to our nursing program.  Outside of the academics, we feel Reese can develop here as a catcher, hitter, and young man.  He will be successful in whatever he does because of his outstanding work ethic.”

According to Gallup there was some other interest in his academic and baseball career.

“For a little bit I was talking to Grace College, Purdue Fort Wayne, and Manchester, although the overall feeling I was getting from these schools were not the same as IUSB,” said as he sought the best fit for him.  “IUSB wanted me and was excited to have me and that was mainly what I was looking for. IUSB had a good team atmosphere. All of their players are hard workers and have strong relationships with each other. This is what I noticed when I went to a team workout one day. There record may not be the best but I can say that their Coaching staff is top notch when making these players better and preparing them for life outside of college.  At the end of the day my overall goal is to learn and to develop myself into a better player and I can say that with confidence IUSB will get me where I want to be.

Coach Buysse says he thinks Gallup could be a regular in the line up.

“We feel that Reese can develop into an everyday catcher for us,” said Buysse.  “Playing 55 games takes a toll on all our players but especially our catching staff.  Reese will provide us depth at the position right away and with work and time could become one of our starting catchers later in his career.  Reese is a good hitter will compete for at bats right away.  His biggest adjustment will be the pitching at this level and again, with reps and time Reese could be a staple in our lineup down the road.”

Indiana University-South Bend is in its fourth year of baseball.  The Titans are members of the Chicago-land Collegiate Athletic Conference.  According to coach Buysse, IUSB prides itself on two things.  Graduate 100% of their players and developing well-rounded men who will be successful in whatever they do.

“IUSB understands the importance of education and stress that to our player on a daily basis,” concluded Buysse.

Gallup understands that he is going to have to work hard each day at his craft and has to work to get into being a regular.

“I play catcher and we have discussed that I will be a catcher at IUSB,” said Gallup.  “They are heavy with catchers on their roster my first two years and that will be tough with playing time since I will have to work myself up in the rankings, yet I would rather work for my spot than be given my spot. Couch Buysse thinks my greatest attribute to his team is I am a very good defensive catcher. I have outstanding blocking skills and have a strong arm along with my ability to stick the baseball or (framing a pitch).”

Gallup concluded our conversation by talking about being a college athlete, his approach and by thanking other people for helping him get to this point in his career.

“My final comments are to people who want to be a college athlete,” explained Gallup.   “The process to becoming a college athlete is difficult. This is because there are so many players out there that are striving for the same goals as you. I would not be where I am today off raw talent. I do have a couple skills that are great, although I consider myself an average athlete with a great work mentality and attitude. That is how I have gotten to where I am today. If you’re an athlete the older you get you realize it is your attitude that determines your altitude. What I mean is your attitude decides your path if you are going to take the next rep off, if you are going to study for the next test, if you are going to workout instead of going home and playing video games. It is frustrating to reach out to almost every school within the Midwest and only about 4 colleges responding, but I did not give in because of this I kept moving forward.

“It is said that 10 percent of life is what happens to us and 90 percent is how we choose to react to It.,” continued Gallup.  “I look at this quote every morning and I can say this quote is the most influential and summarizes my recruiting process. I was very independent in this recruiting process I was the one who picked up the phone and talked to Coach Buysse, not Coach Lawler, my dad, my mom, or other Coaches. In the end I decided this path for myself. I do thank my parents because they have always supported me since day one. The list of stuff goes on for what they have done for me. For all they have done I can’t thank them enough. Just the fact that they would always make sacrifices for me just so I can continue my dream and road to college baseball. I can say that I have never been on a summer or spring vacation. This is because my vacation is at the ballpark and there is no other vacation I would rather take than to the ballpark on a nice day. Even though I have not been at LaVille for four years I do thank the Coaches and administration for what they have done for me and am excited to come back and hopefully assist Coach Lawler with his program one day because it is a great one. Thank you all who have led me to where I am today and Let’s go Titans.”