Multiple Teams · Cox Gymnasium Set For Renovation; Origional Floor Pieces Available For Purchase


LAKEVILLE, IN. – Cox Gymnasium is set for renovation!

The official go-ahead to renovate Dale E. Cox Gymnasium on the campus of LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School has been granted.

The project is officially underway in the gym that was built for the 1965-66 school year.

That project will include a complete overhaul, according to current LaVille athletic director Will Hostrawser.

“New Ceiling, new floor, new lights, new baskets, new bleachers, new score table, new score boards,” explained Hostrawser.  “And a fresh coat of paint!”

Dale E. Cox Gymnasium has held several events since the school was built in 1965-66, including the TCU Bi-County Basketball Tournament, Mike Bottorff Wrestling Invitational, IHSAA Volleyball Regional, JH Wrestling Twin Triple Dual.  The gymnasium has also held Prom, Pep Rallies, the Talent Shot, viewings for funerals, and Pro Wrestling.  Also, the school year has been finished off each year by graduation.

“The gym has also hosted basketball sectionals as well,” said Hostrawser.  “It is a focal point of our school and communities.”

According to one study by Cornerstones Magazine, life expectancy of wood sport floors could be at 50 years; it really all depends on the facility.  After a year of wear and tear, a typical gym floor will need a recoat. Once every 10 years or so, the floor should be sanded down to bare wood, lines are re-painted, it is re-sealed and re-coated.

Cox Gymnasium is in its 53rd year of usage, though bleachers and lights have been replaced along the way.

Generally between four to six different sanding’s could occur for a wooden gym floor.

“They can sand it down until they reach the nails,” said former LaVille athletic director and longtime girls basketball coach John Willoughby.  “The nails are countersunk.  You can’t continue to sand off nail heads before they start showing through the wood.  My understanding was that you could sand until that point.  I recall the floor being sanded when Dan Hutton put the mural up in 1999 it was sanded, then (current AD) Will (Hostrawser) and Scot (Shearer) repainted the floor in 2013 following the latest sanding of the floor.”

According to Hostrawser, the project is expected to be completed sometime this coming July.

Once the ceiling and lights are removed, the bleachers have to come out and the floor will come up.  When the floor begins to come up, various sections of the floor will be saved and either cut into 9″ sections for sale or the larger pieces will be held for silent auction.

“We are selling pieces of the gym floor (9″ sections of floor boards) mounted on a plaque with a picture of the floor for $25 each,” explained Hostrawser.  “Money raised from this fundraiser will be allocated to purchase new floor mats for the entrance at Door F.”

Hostrawser says that the renovated gym will have a,  “more comfortable and fan friendly seating, better lighting, handicap accessible seating are all enhancements we will look forward to enjoying with new set up.  We are modernizing our facility to foster a better fan experience with the updates we are making.”

Those interested in purchasing a 9″ piece of Cox Gymnasium Floor, simply click on the link below.


Cox Gym Floor Order Form


More information will be forthcoming on larger pieces of the wooden gym floor for silent auction.