Multiple Teams · CHARLET KAPKE: “Finish All Homework When It Is Assigned”


LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior Charlet Kapke plays volleyball, tennis and is a member of the cheer squad at LaVille High School.  Kapke is the latest edition of the fall Senior Profile Series.

Being a student-athlete can keep many busy.  Kapke explains her philosophy on being a student-athlete and how to handle all the responsibility.

“The easiest way to get my homework done, play sports, and still have time for other things is I try and finish all
my homework when it is first assigned,” said Kapke.  “I have a list where I write my homework down and when it’s due to make sure I stay on top and ahead of the game. I take advantage of all the spare time I have in any and all of
my classes to either finish homework assigned in that class or from classes before so I have little to do after
late night games. It’s easier to not procrastinate and get things done if you get it done at school.

“First, always make sure to put your schoolwork as one of your priorities, because if you can’t make the grades, you can’t make the team,” continued Kapke.  “When being involved in a sport, make sure to always try you’re hardest at every practice and at every game. If you don’t try your hardest in practice, you will never play better in games.”

Kapke, a member of the All-Hoosier North Athletic Conference All-Academic Team, has enjoyed her experience and time as a student-athlete at LaVille.

“It has been an amazing, extremely busy experience; although, I love the sports I play so much, it’s worth all the

time in the world,” concluded Kapke.  “No matter what you decide to do, make sure to give it your all, and truly be the best you can be because otherwise you’ll just be hurting yourself, and your team.”

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Meal Of The Day: Dinner

Favorite Movie: Now You See Me

Favorite Musical Artist: Halsey

Favorite Subject: Art

Favorite TV Show: Riverdale

Best Thing About LaVille: The Teachers

Chocolate or White Milk: Chocolate Milk All The Way

Dream Job: CEO Of My Own Business

My Hidden Talent: I Can Wiggle My Ears

Pancakes or Waffles: Waffles

Something Interesting About Me: I’m Always Down For Any Adventure, Especially If It Involves The Outdoors.

Something About A Teammate No One Knows: One Of My Teammates Was Extremely Bullied, And I’m So Happy Now That Things Have Gotten Better Because She Is The Nicest Person You Could Ever Meet.

Someone From History I Would Like To Meet: Amelia Earhart (She Even Shares My Birthday.)

Up Early Or Sleep Late: Sleep Late

If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be: Bora Bora

Closing Thoughts: “I Would Not Have Changed Any Of My Involvements Or Sports In High School, Because Although I’m Always Busy Doing Something, It Keeps Me Happy, And That’s What It’s All About. You Just Have To Do What Makes You Happy.”