Boys Varsity Football · Football Intra-Squad Offers Coaching Staff A “Starting Point” For Season

LAKEVILLE, IN. – On August 4th, sixth-year LaVille Head Football coach Will Hostrawser got a look at the 2018 edition of the Lancers during a Blue-White scrimmage at Lancer Field.

LaVille is coming off an 8-5 campaign, including a five-game winning streak, and the first sectional title since 2003.

When asked what the coaching staff looks for during an intra-squad scrimmage, Hostrawser responded, “In a controlled scrimmage situation, our coaching staff is looking for a number of things – proper alignments, proper technique and form in blocking and tackling, proper communications between players, speed of execution among other things.  There are so many moving parts to a football team, we are constantly evaluating and refining things – this controlled scrimmage is a starting point.”

The Lancers are undergoing an offensive scheme change following the change of assistant coaches.

“Offensively we are learning a brand new system,” said Hostrawser, who has a 40-19 overall record in five complete seasons.  “We have a lot of work to do yet, but I like what I saw.  We are at the stage in the learning process where the players are just really beginning to understand the concepts and timing of everything.  As we go through the learning process, we frequently change out players at numerous positions that effect our timing and spacing on plays.  We have a lot of hard working players who are really giving it their all in doing what our coaching staff is asking them to do.  I’m very proud of them for doing so because it isn’t always an easy process.”

Hostrawser continues to provide leadership as the defensive coordinator.

“Defensively I thought we played alright,” explained Hostrawser.  “We really need to practice our pursuit angles – especially from the backside.  We need all 11 guys to the ball on every play – we will certainly work on that this coming week.  I do like the aggression we bring to the table defensively – we will build on that in the coming weeks as well.”

Following the intra-squad scrimmage, asked about any surprise players so far this season.

“There have been a few players who have risen up to this point – Leyton Czarnecki has really opened up peoples eyes at safety on defense – he is playing way more physical this year,” said Hostrawser.  “Another break out player has been Tyler Studon.  He had a fantastic summer in the weight room and I believe he is going to contribute on both the offensive and defensive lines for us.”


According to Hostrawser, the overall high school numbers may be down, but he likes other things about the team so far.

“While our program numbers are down this year a little, I really like the work ethic of this group.  They work very well together and that will certainly pay dividends across the season!”

LaVille will travel to Wabash Aug. 10 for a 6:30 p.m. scrimmage.