school news · VNN Selects “Unified” As A Top Story For The Week Of June 27

LAKEVILLE, IN. – Our first official recognition!

With the help of VNN, the company that helps manage our program, we have earned a VNN weekly honor for the week of June 27, 2018.

Our feature story titled: “Unified Relationships Breaking Down Barriers At LaVille” was selected as a top story by the VNN folks.

“Right now we work with 194 schools from Indiana,” said VNN Content Marketing Intern Aubrey Clark. “We work with high schools from 39 states at the moment.”
When asked what drew the interest of VNN to select “Unified Relationships Breaking Down Barriers At LaVille” as a top story, Clark responded,  “We loved the Unified story because it’s a great initiative and a heartwarming story about students coming together to bond over what they have in common, while embracing what makes them different!”
So what do they look for overall as VNN decides the top story selections each week?
“When we look for stories to feature on social media and the newsletter,” explained Clark.  “We look for really cool achievements our teams accomplish, stories that capture the heart and spirit of high school sports, and stories that create conversation and excitement. We also love finding great pictures to feature with the story. For the newsletter specifically, the story has to be posted on the website during the featured week.”
VNN is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with employees all over the US, wherever our customers need them. In the beginning, we were a scrappy tandem of bloggers working the beat, and now, over 60 employees are trusted by over 1,500 schools nationwide to help manage their programs. We’re still highly influenced by our roots. Content is king, community is important, and sports are awesome.



Below is a portion of the story that VNN selected for the week of June 27:

Unified Relationships Break Down Barriers at LaVille High School (IN)

“I love the relationships and it truly breaks down barriers for both the partners and the unified kids,” says LaVille Unified Coach Tammie Radican. “The partner is to help the unified athlete be the best they can be… They are all winners. It’s about how they feel about themselves when they compete.”

Read more about the initiative here:


Congratulations, Lancer Nation!

And, congratulations to Mrs. Radican and all those student-athletes that make up the Unified Program at LaVille Jr-Sr High School!!