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LAKEVILLE, IN. – Champions are made in the offseason!

This summer, LaVille head football coach Will Hostrawser, is asking the Lancer Football team to continue that championship mentality.  The 2017 LaVille football team won its first sectional championship since 2003, and the Lancers want to continue moving forward.

This summer, however, there are some slight adjustments in the weight room workouts.

“Summer workouts are going really well,” said Hostrawser.  “The players are really pushing their limits and getting out of their comfort zone consistently.  They have really bought in to what we are asking them to do.  All the players are rallying together each day – it’s real fun to be a part of the development.

“We have divided into smaller groups to give our workouts a more “personal trainer” feel,” continued Hostrawser. “Each group is no more than nine athletes.  Workout times are for a duration of one hour and I guarantee each athlete will go home feeling like they worked out hard.”

Hostrawser has created time slots from 8 – 9 a.m., 9 – 10 a.m., 10 – 11 a.m., 4:30 – 5:30 p.m., and 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

It’s a whole new strategy and style change.

“In my off-season lifting and research,” said Hostrawser.  “I have totally flipped over from the traditional one-rep max mindset that I have been doing for years to a total performance enhancement workout focused on core strength.  My fiancé Deana Fugate, who is a personal trainer, has learned a lot of “tricks of the trade” from her gym in Knoxville – Frankie’s Body Shop as well as her trainer Chloe Padilla.  Deana designs these workouts for the team and I teach them.  We constantly adjust things based on equipment available, space and each athlete’s individual progression.  It’s a ton of work and a lot of hours but seeing the kids get results is certainly worth every single second spent in the weight room.”

So why the change?

“I decided to make this drastic change for two reasons,” explained Hostrawser.  “First, while a one rep max provides a measurement of pure strength, it really does nothing to enhance the athleticism of our athletes – in fact I believe it hinders athleticism.  In all sports, rarely if ever are athletes put into the situation where a one rep max lift comes into play.  Thinking of the bench press – how many times in any sport is this direct skill used?  Games are fast paced and there is a lot of movement involved.  These revised workouts are geared toward just that – enhancing athletic movement as well as strength – specifically core strength.

“Second reason – this kind of lifting is a life skill that can be carried on past a student’s athletic career – it’s geared toward a healthy lifestyle,” continued Hostrawser.  “We review eating right and how to live a healthy lifestyle.”

According to Hostrawser, on a typical day, athletes will come in to either a “Leg Day” or a “Push/Pull Day” (upper body workout).  They will do between nine and 12 exercises and a “finisher” across an hour time window.  Each day is different – the variety really keeps things fresh for all of us.  We workout four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).  Overall since the workout style was changed, attendance is up eight guys per day on average.  He says, “The athletes have totally bought in.”

Following the graduation of the football class of 2017, the fall of 2017 was thought to be a “rebuilding” year.  The Lancers started 1-2, and then were 3-4 before rattling off five straight victories and the first football sectional title since 2003.

“Our atmosphere has always been “raise the bar,” said the sixth year coach.  “Each group is challenged with leaving their mark on our program a little higher than the last – with each season that becomes a little more challenging.

“Last season’s sectional title was a special time for us – no one expected us to achieve it because we were “rebuilding” – winning it made it all the more special,” continued Hostrawser.  “But that was last year – It’s in the past.  We are lucky enough to have earned the right to reflect on it for enjoyment from time to time, but there is work to be done.

And the Lancers want more!

“Just like every team in the state, we want to travel further down the tournament trail,” concluded Hostrawser.  “Last year we got a taste of what that’s like… but I can assure you we all want more.  In order to do that, as a group we have to continue to get better at all we do and not be satisfied.  Our guys have really been working hard at these new workouts.  You can see it in their eyes – they want something more and they’re willing to pay the price to earn it.  They have been doing so with each passing day – in my years of coaching, as a group – these guys are working harder than ever before – the workouts demand it.  They are answering the bell daily.”

Seven (7) weeks from today is the first official high school football practice in Indiana –  Monday July 30!
Are you ready for some football?