Girls Varsity Softball · Annis: ” If you’re interested in a sport go out and try it!”


Class of 2018



LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior Madison Annis is a member of the softball and unified bowling team.

Annis is the final installment of our Senior Profile series for the spring of 2018.

She explains that she takes advantage of getting studies done whenever she has the opportunity.

“I usually do my homework during school,” said Annis.  “If a teacher offer an opportunity for students to work in class.  I take full advantage of the time given. On bus rides to and from games I work on homework. And if I still have work then I get it done at home. Playing sports such as softball does take up a majority of your time after school, but teachers are willing to work with you, which is awesome. Teachers know the struggle of student-athletes and offer help if you need it.”

Annis has also enjoyed the student-athlete experience at LaVille.

“Being a student-athlete at LaVille has been a whirlwind of experiences and emotions that I wouldn’t trade for anything,” says Annis.  “By being a student-athlete you are given an opportunity to strut your stuff and show the athletes at other schools what you are made of.”

Finally, Annis encourages any of the younger kids to try a sport to find out if there is a real interest.

“I would tell younger kids, if you’re interested in a sport go out and try it!”  concluded Annis.  “It doesn’t hurt to try new things and have new experiences. Even if you realize that it isn’t for you, it’s okay, now you know for sure rather than second guessing yourself.”


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Favorite Food: Bacon

Favorite Meal Of The Day: Late Night

Favorite Movie: The Great Gatsby

Favorite Musical Artist: Can’t Decide

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Best Thing About LaVille: The Special Education department

Chocolate or White Milk: Neither

Dream Job: Special Education Teacher

My Hidden Talent: I Can Spread My Toes Out Like A Frog

Pancakes or Waffles: Waffles

Something Interesting About Me: I Am Left Handed

Something About A Teammate No One Knows:  One Of Our Girls Stayed The Night At A Friends House And Wet The Bed.

Someone From History I Would Like To Meet: Charlie Chaplin

Up Early Or Sleep Late: Up Early

If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be: Australia

Closing Thoughts: “Nobody is perfect. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and fail because guaranteed someone else has had the same experience.


  • Madison Annis, Class of 2018