Multiple Teams · Figg: “The Classroom Comes First”


Class of 2018





LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior Dakota Figg has played football, wrestling, basketball, and golf.

Figg is the next installment of our Senior Profile Series for the spring of 2018.

When asked about being a student-athlete at LaVille, Figg explains, “Being apart of a team at LaVille is much like being apart of another family.  LaVille’s athletic teams are often smaller compared to other schools and this allows teammates to grow closer and bond with one another on and off the field developing long term relationships.”

Figg also feels that success in the classroom spills over to the athletic arena.

“Do your best on and off the field,” says Figg.  “The classroom comes first because it’s hard to be there for your team when you can’t play because your grades aren’t good enough.”

Figg also says he uses extra time given in class to keep up with his homework.

“Instead of messing around during class,” explains Figg.  “I use my free time to finish homework and get ahead on things so I have less to do after practices.”


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Favorite Food: Chicken And Shrimp Carbonara From Olive Garden

Favorite Movie: Stand By Me

Favorite Musical Artist: David Crowder

Favorite Subject: American History And Biblical Studies

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy

Best Thing About LaVille: The Special Needs Program

Chocolate or White Milk: Chocolate

Dream Job: Professional Golfer

My Hidden Talent: I Can Do Backflips On Flat Ground

Pancakes or Waffles: Waffles 

Something Interesting About Me: I’ve Written A Bible Verse On My Wrist Tape For Every Football Game I Played In While In High School. Each Game Called For Different Verse, Often Depended On What Weighed Heavy On My Heart That Night.

Something About A Teammate No One Knows: One Of My Teams Peed His Pants During A Football Game

Someone From History I Would Like To Meet: Desmond Doss WWII Hero

Up Early Or Sleep Late: Up Early So I Can Nap Later

If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be: Uganda, Africa To Meet The Little Boy That I Sponsor

Closing Thoughts: “Work Hard And Do Your Best In Everything You Do. Take Time To Count Your Blessings Because Odds Are Someone Somewhere Has It Worse Than You.” 


  • Dakota Figg, Class of 2018