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ROYAL CENTER, IN. – The co-ed junior high track team traveled to Pioneer for a triangular meet with West Central.  Both Junior Lancer Teams came up with a pair of victories.

Girls Results: LaVille 79, Pioneer 23, West Central 20
LaVille Results
Discus: Faith Rock 1st, Kylie Gorka 3rd
Shot Put: Faith Rock 1st, Kassi Watts 3rd
Long Jump: Heaylyn Kwiatkowski 2nd, London Kwiatkowski  4th
High Jump: Heaylyn Kwiatkowski 1st, Madelyn Fuchs 2nd, Olivia Leonhard 3rd, Amirae Ellefson 4th
Hurdles: Madelyn Fuchs 1st, Lauren Edison 2nd, Addie Zimmerman 3rd, Rylie Ashenbrenner 4th
100M: Olivia Goze 1st, HeaylynKwiatkowski 3rd
Mile: Ava Fuchs 2nd, Alexis Banks 3rd, Lauren Edison 4th
400M: LondonKwiatkowski 1st, Watts 3rd
800M: Ava Fuchs 1st, Lauren Edison 3rd
200M: Madelyn Fuchs 2nd, HeaylynKwiatkowski 4th
Both Relay teams won 1st place, 4×100: Madelyn Fuchs, Olivia Goze, Olivia Leonhard, Heaylyn Kwiatkowski
4×400 members: Abby Leonhard, Kassie Watts, Faith Rock, London Kwiatkowski
* * * * *
Boys Scores: Non Reported
LaVille Results
Disc: Collin Allen 2nd, Levi Stafford 3rd, Joey Garcia 4th
Shot: Noah Richhart 3rd, Garrett Wagoner 4th
High Jump: Joey Garcia 1st, Damon Doran 2nd, Collin Allen 3rd
Long Jump: Owen Smith 1st, Paul DeWitt 4th
110M Hurdles: Owen Smith 1st
100M: Paul Dewitt 2nd, Rylie Kwiatkowski 3rd
Mile: Collin Allen 2nd, Sam Lillie 3rd
400M: Collin Allen 1st, Noah Richhhart 4th
800M: Levi Stafford 2nd, Sam Lillie 3rd
200M: Owen Smith 1st, Paul Dewitt 3rd
4×100 Relay: Owen Smith, Joey Garcia, Rylie Kwiatkowski, Paul Dewitt 1st
4×400 Relay: Houston Williams, Rylie Kwiatkowski, Levi Stafford, Noah Richhart 1st