Multiple Teams · Hollon: “Set Yourself Up Well For The Future”



Class of 2018




LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior Tyler Hollon is a member of the baseball and football team.

Hollon is the next installment of our Senior Profile series for the spring of 2018.

When asked what it has been like to represent LaVille as a student-athlete, Hollon responded, “It’s been amazing to be able to represent my school in a positive way every week and make a positive impact on our community and the people around it.”

Hollon reminds younger kids that want to become a student-athlete to “work hard on and off the field, court, or track whether that be in the community, the classroom, or even your home. So that way you can set yourself up well for the future.”

Hollon says he hits the books after practice, then, “I usually hang with the boys.”

 * * * * *
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Meal: Dinner
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Favorite Musical Artist: Post Malone
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite TV Show: Rick And Morty
Best Thing About LaVille: The Staff And Students
Chocolate or White Milk: Chocolate
Dream Job: Professional Athlete
My Hidden Talent: Master Pizza Topper
Pancakes or Waffles: Waffles
Something Interesting About Me: My Brother And I Share A Birthday
Something About A Teammate That No One Knows: Devon Schoff Loves Vampires
Someone From History That I Would Like To Meet: Muhammad Ali
Up Early or Sleep Late: Sleep Late, That’s A No Brainer
If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be: LA: The City Of Fallen Angels
Closing Thoughts: “I’ve Loved My Time Here At LaVille And The People That Have Helped Me Along The Way. Now I’m Excited To See What The Next Chapter Of My Life Has In Store For Me.”
  • Tyler Hollon, Class of 2018