Multiple Teams · Here’s How To Get Alerts For Postponements, Cancellations, Schedule Changes, And Much More

Hey Lancer Nation!

If you would like to receive alerts for postponements, cancellations, schedule changes, and more, follow the instructions below for a new program called Event Link:



  1. Go to
  2. Click on gray “create account” button in upper right corner of page
  3. Enter “LaVille” in school and “IN” in state
  4. Choose “LaVille Jr-Sr High School” by clicking the “+” button to the left of the school name.
  5. Check either/or “Notifications” and/or “Daily Summary” – Clicking notifications will alert you of schedule changes and clicking daily summary will send you a list of daily events
  6. Click Green “Next” button at bottom right hand corner
  7. Enter first name, last name, user name, time zone then create password
  8. Add Contact information by clicking “Add Contact” on bottom third right side of screen
  9. Input a nickname, and select either email or phone in “type” box
  10. Enter either email address or phone number depending on choice
  11. If you want to use both email AND phone, repeat 9 and 10
  12. Click “complete Registration” at the bottom right hand corner of the screen
  13. Check either email and/or text message for 5 digit code & enter it in activation code box
  14. Click “Activate” button
  15. Go to “My calendars” on the top left handed corner of the screen and click drop down arrow
  16. Select “Manage My Calendars”
  17. Select what sport(s) by clicking “+” sign to the left of that sport
  18. After done selecting all desired calendars, hit “Save” on the bottom right hand corner
  19. Now you are subscribed to all selected calendars and notifications will be sent directly to you via “text” or “email” when changes occur.


* * * * *


If you need further assistance, please view the video link:


Must download video.

User name, password, and email should be your own, NOT one used in video

The video has no sound and will last 3-minutes, 47-seconds.