Multiple Teams · Construction Starts on Track, Football Field and Tennis Courts

The long awaited renovation of the track, football field and tennis courts began last week.  The first phase of the project involves upgrading the drainage on Lancer Field.

The first phase of the project is running a new drainage main from the field to the main drainage line located in the west parking lot.

IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0044

The second phase is constructing a new drainage system under the football field to adequately handle the water run off from both the track and the football field and connecting it to the main line.

IMG_0060 IMG_0059 IMG_0058 IMG_0057 IMG_0056 IMG_0046

Finally the topsoil will be stripped off the football field in preparation for the installation of a new irrigation system and fresh Kentucky Blue Grass.

IMG_0054 IMG_0055

In preparation of building 6 new tennis courts with a reconfigured event viewing area, the fencing was removed from the old courts.

IMG_0049 IMG_0061