Multiple Teams · Anthony Felke: “Stay Focused With Grades And In Sports”

LAKEVILLE, IN. – Senior Anthony Felke is a two-sport athlete at LaVille High School. Felke has been wrestling since he was in sixth grade and playing baseball since he was four years old. When asked about handling academics and athletics, Felke responded, “always make sure to keep up your grades, especially if you want to participate in extra-curricular activities. Stay focused and keep your grades up in your classes. Stay focused in the sports that you play.”

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Favorite Subject: Introduction To Entrepreneurship.

Favorite Movie: Never Back Down Part 1.

Favorite Musical Artist: Future.

Favorite TV Show: The Ranch.

Favorite Meal Of The Day: Dinner.

Favorite Food: Stir Fry.

Dream Job: Professional Baseball Player.

Something Interesting About Me: I’ve Been Catching Since I Was In Fifth Grade

Best Thing About LaVille: Being Here All My Life I Have Gotten To Know Everyone And I Feel Comfortable.

Something About a Wrestling Teammate No One Knows: Dakota Figg Would Come Up With The Craziest Moves We Have Not Seen Before.

Chocolate or White Milk: White.

Pancakes or Waffles: Pancakes.

Up Early Or Sleep Late: Sleep Late.

Someone From History I Would Like To Meet: Muhammad Ali.

If I Could Go Anywhere In The World For The Weekend It Would Be: Someplace Tropical.

Closing Thoughts: “Every professional was once a beginner.”