Multiple Teams · IHSAA Publishes New Pre-Participation Form

March 24, 2016


Dear LaVille Student-Athletes & Parents,

As we move forward with Spring athletic department activities, please be reminded that the IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Form has been amended and currently can be accessed via the link below.  It can also be accessed via the Lancer HQ Menu.  In collaboration with the Committee on Sports Medicine, which is an arm of the Indiana State Medical Association, the new IHSAA form now requires the original signature of a physician (MD or DO) in addition to their license number for validity.  A pre-stamped, or facsimile signature is unacceptable.  This new requirement is the direct result of an effort to protect our student-athletes.  The abuses which were brought to the attention of the Committee on Sports Medicine by member schools, pediatricians, and family medicine providers included pre-stamped physicals completed in non-medical facilities.  The added cover page offers a concise, specific level of instruction with respect to the expected process of completing the physical form.  Finally, the new form is not to be altered in any fashion.  Any alteration renders the form invalid.

If there are any questions concerning the new athletic physical form, please do not hesitate to call the LaVille Athletic Office at 574-784-3151.


LINK to the New Form ==>  2016 IHSAA PPE Form


-Will Hostrawser

LaVille Athletic Director