Multiple Teams · Track / Football Field Upgrade Information

Dear Patron,

Over the course of the past four seasons, and now moving towards the fifth, our track and field area has been unsuitable for track meets.  During that stretch of time, the corporation has used several bonds to make much needed improvements to the Jr. Sr. High and Elementary schools.

This last Board meeting, November 12th, our Director of Operations, Zac Moore gave an explanation of a study done by Carmi Design that was asked for by the Board about the drainage of our property.  The following are some of the questions and answers that are most often asked on the topic.

Why was the study important?

We needed to see how extensive the water drainage problem was before we could do any work on the area of the track and football complex.  Plus, we needed to have an idea of the cost to replace the drainage, and the damage that would do to the existing football field. Also, we had to know that the water could be taken away so that we would not have future problems with any renovations.

What was found?

Carmi Design contracted a company to telescope the existing drainage pathway.  They found that many of the drainage pipes had collapsed over the years.  It was also discovered that silt filled main pipes that take water away from our property.  Also, the clay tile leading from the football field out to the parking lot was compromised when a footer from the bleachers crushed an existing tile.  Carmi then created a design outlining future improvements to both the track and football facilities.

What will it take to be fixed?

It would require the addition of several more catch basins around the perimeter of the football field to catch water runoff of a newly crowned football field. Then replacing existing clay tiling with PVC pipe between all new catch basins along with a central pipe taking water away from the field of play. There would be a trench drain put in place to service a new track that will carry all water runoff from the track as well as a 1% grade from lane eight to the inside lane so that water runs in the proper direction. The trench drain would only be for the track runoff while the catch basins would mainly service the football field.  This way neither system becomes overburdened by excess water.

What would it cost?

The total budgetary cost of this job is $750,000 if looked at as a comprehensive project. If broken down the track and the trench perimeter drain would cost approximately $350,000. The other $400,000 would be allocated for the newly crowned football field and the removal and placement of all water catching structures and pipe to connect them. This would include several changes to the existing system that would help execute the process of the water leaving school property.   A budgetary number is not the same as a quoted price given by a vendor.  The prices given are the best estimate from an architect based on the study conducted.  The study cannot take into account all possibilities that might happen.  The cost could be higher or lower.

What is the timeline?

The normal time line is five to six months for a project of this size. So, an ideal timeline would start after the frost has left the ground, or no later than the first week of April.  This would allow for the project to be completed during the early spring and summer months so as to not disrupt a large portion of the football season.  This is subject to the process and Mother Nature of course.


This information is provided to you so that we can keep you informed.  We will continue to study this so that the most reasonable and responsible decisions can be made for our students and you the taxpayer.


Mitchell D. Mawhorter